Yearly Pricing, New Website – Coming Monday

Monday, Sept 16th, we’ve got two major things launching.

  • Yearly Pricing
  • New Website

Yearly Pricing
We’ll be offering a $99/year price option ($45/year savings) starting Monday.

$89/Year Option – Limited Time
For 5 days starting Monday, we’re going to let you lock in at $89/year.

That’s a 38% savings over our current $12/month price.

We won’t offer this again — ever. Once you’re locked in you’ll keep that price for as long as your subscription is active.

Renewing Notifications
For those of you who sign up for our yearly plan, we’ll send you an e-mail 10 days and 1 day before your account renews.  That gives you a chance to suspend your account before you’re billed.

International Customers
If you’re getting charged currency transaction fees the yearly plan is a no brainer.

Some of you are almost paying double due to banking fees. With the yearly plan, you’ll only be billed once a year.

Don’t want to sign up for a year?  $12/month will still be a pricing option along with the yearly option.

New Website
We have a brand spanking new website coming out Monday.

We’ve been spilling some of the beans on our facebook page this week. We’ll send our complete details Monday when we launch. Let me tell you that it’s much much better, and it enables us to do a lot of exciting stuff this winter.

Monday’s Launch
We’ll send out another e-mail with links to switch to the yearly plan on Monday. We’ll also be blogging about our the new goodness on our new site.

Train hard and train smart,

Nate Pearson co-founder