We’ve been quiet lately because we’ve been working on more long term projects to set us up for some really cool stuff.


Today, we’re releasing an update to the workouts page.  It allows filtering every which way and should make it much easier to find the workout you want.

Want to find long threshold intervals?  Easy peasy.  Our filters work together, so just select threshold and long intervals.

You can also see which workouts are the most popular, including total ride count.


The plans page also got a small update.  We make it a little easier to see the details of each plan, like TSS/week and Average Volume.  We also have some tool tips on the workouts once you drill in.

Did you also know that our plans have weekly instructions?  They were a little hard to find before, now they are pinned to the bottom of the plan page.

Workout of the Week (WOW)

We’re starting something new here; we’re going to have a Workout of the Week.  The cool thing is that we’re going to have coach chad give detailed video instruction about the how and why of the workout.

You can find a list of all WOWs on our workout page.  As of today, we only have 1.  We’ll be adding more each week.

Back End Stuff

The reason why we did this stuff now was we had to change our back end architecture for plans and workouts anyways, so why not update them?

Our changes put in place the guts to make it easy for us for you guys to create your own workouts and plans.  We’ll be working on that shortly.

Before you Ask

Yes, we’ll bring this filtering stuff to the desktop app.  One thing at a time muchacho…