We’ve released a brand new website today. Here are the highlights.

  • Yearly Pricing Option
  • Mobile Enabled Site
  • Improved Marketing Side
  • Revamped Career Page
  • Intervals in Downloaded TCX Files
  • Privacy Option
  • Improved Workout Library Page
  • Ride page – Cadence and Zoom Enabled

Redesign Goals

Our previous code base was looking a little long in the tooth. It was becoming increasingly difficult to add more features and fix existing bugs. Back in the Spring we made the decision to fix a few player bugs, then stop all new features and re-do our website code.

We had two main goals.

  • Improve our marketing side (pre-sign up) so that it’s more clear
  • Improve the code base so we can quickly add features

I think we did a really good job with the marketing side.  Check out our features page and equipment checker. Those are two of my favorites.

We also adopted some very good design patterns on our website.  This has allowed us to confidently add features quickly.  In fact, we’ve already updated the site 5 times today fixing a few bugs that slipped by us at launch.

Yearly Pricing

We’ve added yearly pricing to TrainerRoad at $99/year.  But for 5 days, you’ll be able to lock in at $89/year.  Head on over to www.trainerroad.com/sign-up to take advantage.

If you’re switching from monthly to yearly pricing, you’ll switch over on your next billing cycle. You still get our great 30 day refund policy with yearly pricing. There’s a good opportunity here to save some money.

Mobile Enabled

We worked hard to make all of our pages look good/work on mobile phones. My favorite is the workout library. I used to sit in bed at night and try to think of what workout I should do the next day. Now I can quickly filter the rides down by touching the filter icon in the upper left hand corner.

In the picture below, I’m filtering for workouts that have sweet spot, threshold or Vo2Max intervals.

2013-09-16 14.35.34 2013-09-16 14.35.46 2013-09-16 14.39.19

Revamped Career Page

We’ve added a few new charts to your career page.

Weekly TSS

We have two TSS widgets.  The one on the left shows weekly TSS with a three week rolling average.  This chart is good to gauge over all training stress and keep you consistent.


Daily TSS

The chart on the right shows daily TSS for the past 10 weeks.  This is a really cool chart. It let’s you see where you might have cooked yourself, where you’re consistent and what your biggest days are. This is the micro version of the weekly TSS graph.


Personal Records

We’ve also revamped our personal record chart to be more inline with the standard way to display personal records.


Power and Weight

This is a cool graph. It charts your FTP, Weight and FTP/kg over time. Ideally, you’ll want your FTP to go up, your weight to go down, and your FTP/kg to go up.


Intervals in TCX Files

You guys have asked for this one for a while. Now when you download a workout, we’ll specify the intervals in the workout.  Then, when you upload it to another site like Garmin Connect, the intervals will show up.


Private Users

You can now set your entire profile to be private on your profile page. This makes it so no one can see any of your riders or your career page.


Workout Library

Our old workout library page got pretty slow as we added more workouts.  This new page is fast fast fast…and should help you find the type of workout you want to do.


Ride Page Updated

We’ve improved the ride page chart that allows you to zoom in on data. This is handy when you really want to see the nitty gritty details of your workout.  Cadence is also displayed now.



We’ve also tweaked and updated a bunch of other stuff. We’re really excited about the website!

Thanks for reading!

TrainerRoad.com co-founder

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Nate Pearson is the co-founder of TrainerRoad. He is an avid triathlete and cyclist, husband and father of two. His training is fueled by great coffee, BBQ and pie.