I was blown away by the participation in this year’s Tour. Congratulations to everyone who participated. It turned out to be a great fundraiser (Over $60,000 raised for the Davis Finney foundation), a fun motivator, and a fitness booster. Just browse our twitter feed for people’s feedback and pictures. Or check out the hashtag: #TourOfSufferlandria


Here are some stats from the Tour:

  • 1839 – starters (Finished Stage 1)
  • 1447 – finishers
  • 79% – finish rate for those that did stage 1
  • 229 – Average FTP
  • 85.9 – Average TSS per Tour ride
  • 0.89 – Average IF per Tour ride
  • 17,767 – Stage Rides Completed 
  • 12.56 million kJ – Total Energy 
  • 2 years, 73 days, 1 hour, 9 minutes – SufferTime on TrainerRoad 


I think we can safely say that everyone who completed it is a winner. But here’s the list of those that won a prize. We’ve notified the winners by email.

Prize Winner
Garmin Vector power pedals. MSRP $1700 MikeB
Garmin Edge 510. MSRP $329 stephstevens
Garmin Edge 510. MSRP $329 Rainbow Dash
16GB iPad Air. MSRP $499 bgyger
16GB iPad Air. MSRP $499 Bopomofo
SportsCrafters Cadence rollers. MSRP $299 chasoffutt
Kinetic Road Machine MSRP $379 BigCalves
Kinetic Rock and Roll MSRP $579 scvgr
Custom 18 week training plan from Coach Rae at Inferno Endurance Sports MSRP $320 DavidH
Wahoo Fitness packs of BlueHR/BlueSC. MSRP $128 sandypants
Wahoo Fitness packs of BlueHR/BlueSC. MSRP $128 gregier
Wahoo Fitness pack of ANT+HR/SC. MSRP $88 Kalin
Wahoo Fitness RFLKT pack. MSRP $129 Raparkjr
TrainingPeaks 6-month Premium Subscriptions. Ferdifatcat
TrainingPeaks 6-month Premium Subscriptions. chess9
TrainingPeaks 6-month Premium Subscriptions. DMarks
TrainingPeaks 6-month Premium Subscriptions. ring0coder
TrainingPeaks 6-month Premium Subscriptions. ronron90
TrainingPeaks 6-month Premium Subscriptions. gunnerq
TrainingPeaks 6-month Premium Subscriptions. mbasanta
TrainingPeaks 6-month Premium Subscriptions. Ettrick
TrainingPeaks 6-month Premium Subscriptions. lacloves2tri
TrainingPeaks 6-month Premium Subscriptions. dimos
1- year TrainerRoad colari
1- year TrainerRoad dprocket
1- year TrainerRoad gz2013
1- year TrainerRoad rinsalaco
1- year TrainerRoad stephweldon
1- year TrainerRoad karenmgraham
1- year TrainerRoad grunge8383
1- year TrainerRoad FlannyOh
1- year TrainerRoad wbeaver
1- year TrainerRoad Stage 1 lauralou007
1- year TrainerRoad Stage 2 DeSti1569
1- year TrainerRoad Stage 3 rdbeck
1- year TrainerRoad Stage 4 linkshander
1- year TrainerRoad Stage 5 frank2480
1- year TrainerRoad Stage 6 tdaley1644
1- year TrainerRoad Stage 7 cbeal
1- year TrainerRoad Stage 8 kzittritsch
1- year TrainerRoad Stage 9 frohrider

Winners were picked at random from those who finished and donated. I thought the stage prizes for the 1-year TrainerRoad was a little confusing so we picked 9 from the stage finishers (even if they didn’t complete the tour) and added 9 more winners picked from the Tour finishers.

Next year I want to have finishers jerseys made and available only for finishers.

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