We’ve released TrainerRoad version 2.5 today, and it has a few cool features that we wanted to let you know about. Your app will ask to update, or you can download the software directly.

Faster Video Rendering
This is a big one. We’re now rendering videos on the GPU instead of the CPU. This should improve video performance from anywhere between 20-3000% depending on your hardware setup.

Retina Support
If you’ve got a fancy dancy, high-DPI screen our app is going to look a lot better. Some of the icons haven’t been upgraded yet but we’re working on that.

Improved Syncing
We’ve re-written the way we sync all of your data with the server. We’re aiming for a more reliable experience every time you use the app. We’re also syncing plans and teams down to the app. Although they aren’t displayed yet, we’ll use this data in the next update to let you filter workouts by plan/team/type and also sort your workouts. More on that later.

Tour of Sufferlandria
We’re just about one day out from the Tour of Sufferlandria. We’ve got some really great prizes this year. It’s not too late to register. The best part is it’s free with a TrainerRoad account.

Note for TrainerRoad 2.5
You’ll have to log in, re-pair devices and set your power smooth settings again. We tried our best to prevent this but part of the way we stored data changed and this had to happen. You’ll only have to do this once. The good news is that we should have a far smaller chance of data corruption.

Coming Soon: Team Forums
We’ll be launching Team Forums soon. This will allow you to communicate with others on teams and get updates via e-mail when someone responds. We think it will make teams even more useful.

Coming Soon: In App Filtering
The next version of TrainerRoad will have the ability to sort/filter workouts right in the app. We get this request all the time. You’ll be able to look at specific workouts for a plan, team, power zone, duration, ect. You’ll also be able to sort by time and TSS. This should make it very easy to find the workout you’re looking for.

Update on iOS (iPad/iPhone)
This is our #1 requested feature. We’ve signed up for an intensive month long iOS training class which starts Feb 24th. I don’t have a time line for when we’ll get it done, but we’re ONLY working on iOS and fixing existing bugs once Feb 24th hits.

Happy Training!
Team TrainerRoad