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Author Archives: Pete Morris

Pete Morris is a cyclist for Team Clif Bar and moonlights as a writer on things cycling. You can almost always find him whipping something up in the kitchen or talking about his favorite forms of cross-training.

TrainerRoad Product Updates

Features, updates, and bug fixes – see what we’ve been working on at TrainerRoad! Anything tagged with (Newest Release) will have been from our most recent Production Release version of the TrainerRoad App. Have any issues with the latest releases or features? Please shoot an email to and they’ll be happy to help. October…

Time Trial Training and Preparation: 11 Things to Do Before Your Event

So you signed up for a time trial? Follow this 8-week timeline to learn how to train and what to do to prepare for your event. 8 Weeks Out 1. Enter your Specialty phase of training Two months is the ideal amount of time to start honing in your training and fitness to match the…

Time Trial Training: Practice Workouts Designed to Make Cyclists Faster

The 40k TT Specialty training plans include dedicated weekly Time Trial workouts to provide riders with opportunities to ride at their time trial pace, in their time trial position, at roughly time trial durations. These TT-focused workouts are specifically designed to help you achieve your fastest outcome on race day. Examples of Time Trial Workouts in…

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