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Pre-Race Equipment Prep: Checklist & Tips

With the road racing season well underway, many of you have probably already pinned on a number and unleashed some of your hard-earned fitness in a bike race, maybe even several. I would bet many of you also have upcoming target events, to which you’ve already dedicated hours of Trainer Road workouts, scary volumes of…

Stage Race Nutrition

Stage races provide little to no room for error when it comes to nutrition. A mistake in hydration one day might lead to a steep decline in performance over the next several days, perhaps leading to other problems like GI distress, poor recovery, lack of appetite and diminished mental acuity. The deleterious effects become magnified…

The Trainer Is Your Secret Weapon

When my to-do list expands beyond the threshold of manageable into the realm of overwhelming, a bike ride can be the perfect way to streamline productivity: by giving my brain the space it needs to reorganize thoughts and enable me to more efficiently and effectively tackle that daunting list. In fact, riding my bicycle is…

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