The second stage of our indoor virtual cycling challenge 8DC is going to be the only time trial of the challenge, and you can’t rely on your team mates this time; it is going to be an individual time trial. It’s placement is unique and the course lacks the technicality necessary to neutralize the big sustained power from TT specialists and give the other racers a shot.

So what does all of that mean? It means it is going to be a hard effort! Check out the detailed preview below.


Duration: 0:59:00
TSS: 74
IF: 0.87


While the workout itself is 59 minutes, your TT effort will occupy only about 56% of that. After a quick warmup, you will put your power down in 2 main segments on the out and back course. When all is said and done, you’ll have amassed 74 TSS at an IF of 0.87 and 23 minutes and 21 seconds above threshold.

But before we get into the actual TT efforts, let’s look at the warmup you’ll be putting in.


Duration: 0:29:30


Generally, warmups are inversely related to event duration. A 150k stage may merit a short and less intense warmup, while a prologue would require a more lengthy and more intense warmup. In this case, the event is neither long nor short so we have a very typical yet well designed warmup.

After five minutes of ramping up to 65% FTP you’ll have three one minute on/one minute off efforts that increase incrementally from 75, to 80 and 85% FTP.

With the intermediate rests at 40%FTP, these “mini” clearing efforts will not only wake you up, but will also give you a chance to experiment with cadence and your body position at progressively higher intensities.

After a four minute and 30 second spin you’ll ramp up into a big clearing effort that will see you peak at 120% FTP for one minute until backing things down and lightly spinning to the starting line.


Duration: 0:11:15


As you leave the start house and shift through the gears you’ll put out a peak of power at 130% FTP before settling into a 10 minute effort at 102% FTP.

The key with this first effort is to not go out too hard. Since the course is an out and back, you’ll have a turnaround that will serve as a mental and physical reset point.

Make sure you evaluate your efforts as you would during an FTP test to make sure you have enough left in the tank for the second effort.


Duration: 0:11:15


While making the run you should focus on mentally resetting and evaluating your performance thus far. Are you exhaling strongly from your diaphragm? Are you towards the front of your saddle and overloading your quads?

After making any necessary adjustments in the brief break, get ready for the second effort, which is identical to the first. Make sure you stay aware of signs of fatigue manifesting themselves in bad technique and finish strong!


Duration: 0:06:10


Following those very intense TT efforts, you will need to take some time to cool down in order to maximize freshness for stage three. You will have six minutes and ten seconds to cool down from 40 to 30% FTP. If you need more, by all means keep spinning, but make sure you get some recovery nutrition in you as soon as possible.

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