1. Fitness Tracking

How you don't want to feel at the first race of the year.

The days of showing up to the first event of the season with that sinking feeling in your stomach, wondering whether or not your fitness is adequate, are over. With TrainerRoad, you can get an unbiased view of exactly where your fitness is currently and follow it throughout the season. By being aware of this during the course of the year, you are able to actively make modifications to your training and lifestyle and track their effectiveness in a controlled environment, rather than out on the race course. Even if you don’t have a power meter, you can use Virtual Power to obtain your FTP. As you become more knowledgable with the numbers, you’ll quickly begin to realize where you need to be in order to start receiving the results you want.

2. Never Miss a Workout

Priorities and circumstances of life can make it hard to get out and train. So you had an epic ride planned out on the road but for whatever reason, it didn’t happen. Weather, work, kids, etc. can all quickly change your schedule for the day. TrainerRoad is your secret weapon when life throws you a curve ball. No matter the time of day, what the weather is like, or whether or not your training buddy can make it, we’re here for you. As long as you have a spare 60 minutes, you always have the potential to get a killer workout in and keeping moving towards accomplishing your goals.

3. Training Plans

Don't let your training volume look like this. Consistency is speed! Having a plan and following it with consistency is key to making gains in fitness, especially as you reach the higher levels of competition. In the past, having a structured and detailed training plan was limited only to those who had a coach. With TrainerRoad, we’re your coach! You have access to a variety of very specific and detailed training plans designed by an elite level USAC coach, specifically for different cycling disciplines, at no extra cost. Take the guess work out of your training routine and add purpose to every time you’re on the bike!

4. Eliminate Variables

Keep your training simple. Eliminate the variables. Perhaps the biggest benefit of using TrainerRoad year-round is taking the variables out of your training. When it comes to your big interval days on the bike, you need to be hitting them perfectly in order to get the maximum benefits out of your hard work. Traffic, stoplights, road conditions, etc. can all interfere with your intervals, extending your recovery time or cutting an effort short. Don’t let your environment dictate your fitness and save these “business” days for indoors.